Welcome to Strictly Vanilla!

Due to a Hostile take over from previous Staff members. I am forced to take back ownership all all websites and social media/ vote sites retaining to Strictly Vanilla.

The staff in question used a previous Co-owner/ who helped me setup dedicated server to take ownership and lock me out and steal all files and move them to a unoffical strictly vanilla domain.

This happen cause i trusted the wrong person I have been activly trying to get my ownership back but they will not have abar of it and think that cause they morally think it was ok and that the community was ok with removing me that it gave them the right to take over and act as if server belonged to them.

the staff in question will say anything to prove there point but also deny me any chance to defend my self IE baning me from discord and so on. I implore people who have worked with SV and been with SV to follow the true SV server and that is

Im sorry you all have been dragged into this and understand that alot of you have taken there word on things for the last yearI have had major health complications that effected me doing alot of stuff and caused me a great amount of depresion effectivly making ti hard for me to do things. I did ask them to wait a week as things were starting to look up soon as i did they initiated hostile takeover. I was frauded by delview into thinking that he just setup account for dedicated server , it was I who payed those server bills ( i have proof of this )

As Owner I hired staff to work on server in my abcsence and also to give me more time with my family, I Thought I could trust them, but they abused the power I gave them to remove me, this is against the agreement they agree to when they applied for staff and i have 0 tolerance for staff abuse and nethier should any of you who hold core SV morals to high value

Strictly Vanilla

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